This video popped up on my feed a few days ago and being a person who is always interested in more opinions against materialism I gave it a watch. It was fairly interesting though I think that some of his points were not developed enough. In particular I think point number 3 is a non-argument since even if a neuroscientists couldn’t alter a patients personality with his surgeries we know for a fact that some brain surgeries can induce a complete change in someones personality. Lobotomies for instance.

So many people seem ghoulishly eager to reduce themselves to biological automatons these days. It’s nice to see some pushback against the idea. We’ve come a long way from Descartes “I think, therefore I am” to the modern negation “materialism tells me I do not think, therefore I am not”. Your mind is the only think you’ll ever be 100% sure that exists for certain. People shouldn’t be so eager to cast it’s existence aside in favor of hard materialism that suggests that your consciousness is some illusion.

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